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September song

Oct 4, 2022 | Life | 0 comments


Caught my first fish… EVER !
September 2022 – Mont-Tremblant, Canada

Every month, I like to do a bit of a review. Thought I’d share it with you.

One of the main rules of living with intention is to plan ahead. It’s easier to be intentional when we know what we want to do and who we want to be. Figuring this out might not be as easy as it sounds but that’s a subject for a different post.

Once that’s set, the actual planning comes to play : what can I do to move more intentionally toward my goal(s) ? And all the planning in the world is no use if we do not take the time to review what actually happened and assess if that’s putting us a step ahead in our master plan or if we derailed and (maybe) we need to go back to the drawing board of said master plan.

The worst that can happen is to make a wonderful plan, serving brilliant objectives, and… forget about all of it as soon as you close your notebook. Then, realize a few month later that you haven’t moved an inch.

That’s why, I do a monthly review. In a nutshell, the monthly review is covering three main points :

  1. What got done this month ? And does it align with what I wanted to live/experience/deliver?
  2. What am I planning on doing next month?
  3. Which of my rules were followed ? Which were not?

September monthly review

The main focus of my September goals was revolving around a few themes : my trip to Canada, my commitment to become a runner again and my desire to keep my projects moving forward.

I won’t lie, September happened in the blink of an eye. I was on plane to Montreal and next thing I know, I was back. But I really savored my time there, and particularly the few days spent with my friends in the house by the lake.

Waking-up every day and seeing the beautiful surface of the lake gleaming was a joy I would like to experience more often. I love lakes. They’re such a perfect combo of everything ; and they bring me peace. That house, with its little deck on the water was unperfect in many ways but brilliant.

So the Trip to Canada was definitely the highlight of my month, but, beside that, how did I do with my goals ?

Deliver a killer workshop at 7in7 > This goal was intended to advance my coaching and training activity. I have been working mostly with a beginner French clientele and that workshop was an opportunity for me to hone my skills toward a completely different target group : international and more advanced in the questions of intentional living and life planning. I had great fun delivering that workshop. I can always find things that I could have done differently but, overall, it was a success.

Exercise three times a week > Back in July I laced up my running shoes again. And that’s the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. Generally, traveling is an excuse for not running. I’m #teamcarryononly and I can always do without the extra burden of transporting a pair of running shoes and the appropriate clothing. But I felt pumped by how good I was all summer long, running three times a week despite the heat wave. So I made myself a little uncomfortable and I packed my running gear. I found a little park near my apartment in Montreal and ran there several times.

Transfer my site to the new server > I won’t get into too many details, but it is not as simple as it sounds and it is quite the process. I thought I would use this “quieter” time while I’m away to get that done but I was only able to transfer about half of it. Still a lot on my plate.

Teach, grade and close the JMI Intro to Digital Marketing class > After my class from early September, I wanted to be efficient with my grading so bad. I hate taking so much time to grade papers. I feel like I owe the students to give them feedback as soon as possible, particularly when it was their last class ever. And I failed. Miserably.

What I will keep of this month that brought me closer to my overall goal, in line with my 2022 theme (OPEN) are :

  • Making myself vulnerable by testing my skills on a new and more difficult audience
  • Meeting new friends, experiencing new things (from kayaking to fishing and playing Star Realms, from Ice Capps and Poutine to Dirty Ceasars)
  • Keeping my commitment to myself by honoring my need for exercise and particularly early morning runs.

What about October ?

Top goal : successfully close the PPP 2022 season (an entrepreneurship program I run for a local school).

Other goals :

  • Be well prepared for the kick-off of the PPP 2023 season, next month.
  • Continue to exercise (preferably running) at least three times per week.
  • Have some fun family time.
  • Successfully integrate the two new members of the Boots & Cats team (the cooperative I’m running)

Rules I’d like to follow :

  • Keep an 11:00 pm bedtime
  • Gon on (at least) one “adventure” each week (something that takes me out of the routine)
  • Read (or listen to an audiobook) 20 minutes per day.

Still trying to balance professional goals, without forgetting my need for social interactions and self-care. And keeping a sense of whimsy and unpredictability in my life… despite all the planning. Yes, that’s doable. Right ?

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