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About me

I’m Audrey Julienne, and I am on a mission to get people out of their 9-5 rut.

Hey there, I’m Audrey

As a coach and mentor for managers, entrepreneurs and students alike, I put my experience of 10 + years of remote working at the service of building a more intentional lifestyle for individuals and businesses.

I’m the founder, head coach and managing partner at Boots & Cats, where I nurture freelance workers into a blooming and satisfying career.

I help overworked and under-appreciated individuals take control back over their time and their lives because I know that the more people become intentional with their actions, the more freedom they will experience.

Check out my blog, programs and services to find out how to make your time work for you.

One day, I hope to visit

The Falkland Islands

Currently living in

Lyon, France


Kitty Boom Boom

Favorite flavor of gelato


The Untied Manifesto


There’s more to life than the four walls of a cubicle.

Boredom is the death of the soul.

Healthy relationships are based on equal stands.

No one should be told when to take a break.

You only have one go at life.

I believe

Freedom is non negotiable.

Our life is what we decide to make of it.

Engagement and loyalty come from shared values

You should feel your heart beat at least once a day.

Your story

Free yourself from one-size-fits-all.

Claim your uniqueness.

Be passionate. Be proud. But be reliable.

Live YOUR version of life.

Get Untied
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